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Just the Facts
By Geoff Dempsey

Las Vegas proudly presents performances by some of the most famous singers and comics in show business, as well as lavish showroom productions featuring statuesque showgirls surrounded by stunning sets and incredible special effects. Backed by some of the world’s finest musicians and stage technicians, these are world class productions. Reservations for most shows can be made in Las Vegas by phoning or visiting the showroom reservation offices. Or for reserved seating, you can call Allstate Ticketing at 1-888-217-9564.

An average of 310 sunny days allows for year-round use of most Las Vegas swimming pools. While the water can be quite chilly during the winter months, sunbathing around the beautifully landscaped pools is possible almost every day.

With an average rainfall of 4.19 inches, Las Vegas has an arid climate. Umbrellas are rarely needed, but do listen for occasional flash flood advisories.

Although the temperature can soar to well over 100° during the summer months, the average annual temperature is 66.3°. At a 2,174-foot elevation, Las Vegas’ nights are comfortably cooler, even after the hottest days. with a pleasant, dry climate during the winter, and the average temperature at 47.5°.

Average Highs & Lows:

Jan.-Mar. 63°F 39°F
Apr.-Jun. 89°F 60°F
Jul.-Sept. 101°F 72°F
Oct.-Dec. 71°F 44°F

What to Wear
Casual clothes are fine to wear in and out of casinos, but for evening wear, women seem to favor cocktail dresses, suits, evening wear or the latest fashions. A large percentage of men wear sports clothes or jackets and ties. Shorts, jeans and sundresses are worn from April through October; while woolens, sweaters and warm jackets are worn from November through March.

Drinking Laws
Las Vegas has some of the most liberal laws in the country for those over 21. There are NO closing hours for liquor sales or consumption of alcohol, which has helped Las Vegas earn the "24-hour town" label. Remember, although the laws are liberal, the penalties for DUI are tough. If you’re drinking, please be sure to hand someone else the car keys!

Parking/Valet Parking
Many hotels Downtown and on the Strip have their own large parking lots or garages for free parking. In addition, most provide FREE valet service. You drive up to the entrance, hand your keys to the valet, and step right into the lobby. The valet appreciates the customary $1 or $2 tip when he brings your car back.

Car Rentals
To see all the sights that Las Vegas has to offer, your best bet is to rent a car. Most car rental agencies provide reliable service with reasonable rates. If you need help making arrangements, try these companies.

Budget 702-736-1212
Sunbelt 702-731-3600
Thrifty 702-896-7600
U.S. 702-798-6100

Cab Fares
Fares from McCarran Airport to different parts of the Strip and Downtown are as follows: (Please remember that these fares are estimates and may change because of traffic and different routes taken. All fares are governed by the Nevada Taxicab Authority and should be the same for every company.)

MGM Grand, Tropicana and Luxor area $9.50-$10.50
Harrah’s, Imperial Palace, Bally’s and Caesars Palace area $9.50-$11
Treasure Island, Fashion Show Mall and Frontier Hotel area $10.75-$12
Stardust area $11
Stratosphere area $13
Downtown area $16-$20

Airline Phone Numbers

Alaska Airlines (800) 426-0333
American (800) 433-7300
America West (800) 235-9292
Continental 702-383-8291
Delta (800) 221-1212
Hawaiian Airlines (800) 367-5320
Northwest (800) 225-2525
Reno Air (800) 736-6247
Southwest (800)435-9792
TWA (800) 221-2000
United (800) 241-6522
United Express (800) 453-9417
US Air (800) 428-4322




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