The Roaming Gambler Monthly Comp

September 2006

Every month I go out and find a sponsor to give a great comp to one of you lucky readers in exchange for some advertising. These sponsors know that you are a fine, upstanding group of gaming afficienados and that they have to come up with a pretty special prize to impress you. Usually they are successful and this month should be no exception!

This month The Golden Vegas Online Casino has given me a fantastic prize to give away. Drum roll...... it's a 42 Inch Samsung Flat Screen Plasma Television. This thing is worth $5,000. and look how thin it is!

OK, you want to be the lucky reader to win this amazing comp? Here's what you have to do:

1. Enter your name and email address at our comp signup form here.

2. Visit The Golden Vegas Casino, download the software, and deposit and play through $50 before October 28th at midnight PST.
You can't just deposit $50 and then cash out, so don't be naughty! You have to WAGER the $50, and they'll be watching, so if you don't make the wager they will disqualify you from the comp! Hey, they'll even give you $10 free when you make your $50 deposit if you are a new player.

3. At the end of February, they will send me all the names and emails of the people who came from the Roaming Gambler and wagered $50, and I will place the names into my amazing random winner generator and it will spin like crazy and spit out one of your names. That person will win this amazing TV and make your friends and family jealous when they come over to your house!

Good Luck Everyone! Come back next month for the next great comp!


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