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Bellagio Review
By Cindy Matthews

I recently had the opportunity to stay at the Bellagio, the newest and most spectacular of the Wynn resorts. That it is the most expensive resort ever built at $1.8 billion, is evident everywhere. The Mediterranean style architecture, coloring and art have been meticulously intertwined to produce a visual masterpiece. The casino area lighting and design are a pleasant departure from the darker maze-like layouts of other popular Vegas casinos.

As commonly found in all of the large Wynn properties, such as the Mirage and Treasure Island, I was thrilled with the high level of service offered throughout the resort. Wynn believes in treating his staff better than most and this promotes excellent service and respect from his employees, which only serves to benefit his guests. Having started out in the business as a Blackjack dealer has given Steve Wynn a strong handle on the needs of his guests, as well as his staff.

The Bellagio's new Cirque du Soleil show,"O", is simply amazing and should not to be missed by anyone. I can certainly say that I have never seen anything like this anywhere else in the world. The set is made up primary of a gigantic 25-foot deep pool, which holds over 1.5 million gallons of water and most of the 74 performers at one time or another. Even at $100 per person, I dare anyone to leave saying they were short-changed.

If that is just a little rich for your taste then you can still enjoy the free entertainment in the form of the hourly water show at the Bellagio entrance. This awe-inspiring wonder is best described as a water based fireworks-like display choreographed to music.

I haven't yet touched on the magnificent gardens, the spectacular art gallery or the incredible places to dine. I don't want to give away all the phenomenal attractions, which await anyone fortunate enough to have booked a room in the near future. I will simply state that it shall be at the top of my list of places to stay from this day forward.

Comments from Readers

We asked those of you who've had a chance to visit the Bellagio to give us you feedback. Here's what a few had to say...

Dear Geoff,
At the beginning of November 1998, I had the chance to visit the brand new jewel in Las Vegas: the Bellagio Hotel. Being that this was my first trip to the City of Lights, I didn't know what I could really expect... It was 5:00 in the morning and I was tired from my flight when we arrived at the hotel. But the moment I stepped through the Bellagio doors, I could not help but be enchanted by the magnificent lobby, rich with intricate mosaic floors and fabulous Mediterranean decor.

During the rest of my 4-day stay, I visited most of the hotel: the back garden, filled with large trees and warm pools; the various restaurants, Mediterranean and Chinese; and of course, the casino. I was also lucky enough to attend the in-house performance of Le Cirque du Soleil called "O", presented on a stage made out of water. Bellagio is a place of pleasure and is definitely worth visiting!
Unexpectedly delighted, Marie B.

Dear Geoff,
"It is amazing to stay in such a luxurious hotel at such an unbelievably good price! The entire hotel/casino is a work of art and I most appreciated the beautiful, relaxed atmosphere in the casino."
John B.

Dear Geoff,
The new Bellagio resort – it’s simply beautiful. It’s refreshingly bright and cheery inside with colorful flowers everywhere, magnificent mosaics across the floors and the friendliest staff you’ll meet. Should you dine at the Jasmine, be sure to get a seat near the windows where you have a front-row seat to the breathtaking water-fountain show that appears in front of the building. It’s a must-see display. The next time I’m in Vegas, my first stop will be the Bellagio – see you there!
Ed H.

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