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It's not the destination... it's the Journey!
By Avis Durgan

Just beyond the bright lights and neon of the Las Vegas strip lies some of the most beautiful country in the U.S. - and the folks at ATV Action Tours want to take you there to see it.

There are a multitude of adventures in the Las Vegas area you can experience, from a journey into Death Valley, to a journey off-road through Diamond Creek. Read through this month's features and you'll see what we mean.

Death Valley Excursion

Journey through Titus Canyon, one of the most beautiful off-road drives in the area. Here you will find a variety of desert environments where plants and animals eke out a living. Wind through colorful formations of rock, extinct volcanoes, and down a narrow canyon. Along the way you will pass the ghost town of Leadfield. View Native American petroglyphs etched in rock within the area of Klare Spring, home to many Bighorn Sheep. Several stops are made throughout Death Valley National Monument, including Furnace Creek Resort, Zabriski Point and Badwater (282 feet below sea level), plus other intriguing sites. You will also tour the historic Scotty's Castle.

West Rim and Colorado River Journey

Based on the "Grand Canyon - West Rim and Hoover Dam Adventure", from the West Rim of the Grand Canyon you will travel off-road through the Hualapal Indian Reservation. Travel via Buck and Doe Road to Peach Springs (a daring shortcut!). The reservation rests among some of the most beautiful scenery in Arizona. There are possibilities of viewing animals along the way … wild burro, elk, deer, boars, etc. Your journey to the Colorado River descends 5000 feet into the canyon via Diamond Creek (home to scared burial grounds). You will enjoy several stops along the way before coming to rest at the banks of the raging Colorado River. Ample time is allowed for exploring.

Colorado River and Grand Caverns Exploration

Traveling 120 miles east of Las Vegas on Historic Route 66 alongside the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, you will encounter breathtaking cliffs, deep gorges, and caverns twenty-one stories deep below the Earth's surface. Spectacular colors and formations evoke feelings of serenity and awe, providing a glimpse into the ancient past. See three million-year-old marine fossils, a replica of a giant ground sloth (extinct for 20,000 years), and the remains of a mummified bobcat. The you will enter the Hualapal Indian Reservation and journey off-road through Diamond Creek, a 5,000-foot descent into the Grand Canyon that comes to rest at the raging Colorado River. You will have plenty of time for sightseeing at photos before we wrap up the tour.

Action Tours, Inc. (based in Las Vegas, NV) offers numerous adventure trips from tours of the Hoover Dam to Sea Doo excursions on Lake Mead. They are happy to provide free hotel pickup, and with trips lasting from a three hour Mount Charleston visit, to a three day whitewater rafting excursion. One of their many tours will fit in with your busy schedule. Contact them at http.://www.actiontours.com or toll free 1-888-288-5200 for the costs and duration of any of these tours.



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